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Current Events pertaining to finance, economic and accounting.

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Art, University, and Life 2

Hello everyone! I hope you are all fine. This is a special post. Today I will be finishing my informatics course! It has been a long but good ride. I have learned so many new things and have gained skills that I didn’t have before. In this post, I will show you peeps the videos […]

Art, University, and Life 1

In this post I will be showing you guys a curation of the best Instagram photos from me and my classmates!! The theme we chose was “Everyday Life”. It is a simple yet fun way of showing our lives outside of the university walls. We all came together and curated this little art piece. I […]

To Learn is to Live

As many of those who have been reading this blog know I have been writing this blog since I’ve started this semester in university. As my spring semester comes to an end I would love to share with you guys all of my favorite posts from when I started to now. Each link will lead […]

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