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Economic Avocado

Current Events pertaining to finance, economic and accounting.

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Good day folks! I hope that you are healthy and strong during these times. I wanted to start today by speaking about my experiences and emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic. I would say that during the beginning of the pandemic, last year, I found myself to be quite worried as I did not know what […]

Audio,Audio, Audio…

Hello fellow Homo Sapiens, today I will be sharing some audio worth giving a shot. Here is the list: I will start with a couple of SoundCloud songs: Here is a link to iHeart Radio. It is a free broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform. Another online radio is Tune In. This is […]

About me!

Welcome to the Economic Avocado!!! I am Carolina Torres and I’m currently an accounting student at the University of Sagrado Corazon. I love art galleries. Some of my favorite artists are Angel Botello, Jean Michel-Basquiat, and Laura Berger. One of my favorite paintings from Basquiat, is Glenn (1985). The reason why is because of the […]

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